Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

ASD assessments for children aged 2 and over can be provided by either, or both of your child’s psychologist and Speech Pathologist. ASD assessments take place over 2-4 sessions (each approximately two hours) and include a parent feedback session and comprehensive written report after four weeks.

Financial assistance for ASD assessments is available.

Educational & Cognitive Assessments

Our comprehensive educational and learning assessments allow our psychologists to offer specific recommendations for home and school. This will assist in improving your child’s learning from identifying the underlying causes of their learning difficulties.

We also provide Cognitive Assessments for children aged 2 years to 16 years and 11 months. These assessments help us to understand an individual’s speed of learning in an academic environment, providing information on the student’s strengths and areas of difficulty.

Speech Pathology Assessments

Our speech pathologist can provide a range of assessments to better understand your child’s language development. These assessments can help to facilitate the therapy process. Speech pathologists can assess a variety of skills, from receptive and expressive language skills, to articulation and phonological awareness.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our occupational therapists can provide a range of assessments to better understand your child’s fine and gross motor skills as well as Sensory processing. Functional assessments for NDIS purposes are also available.

Which assessment is right for your child?

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