Research shows that identifying and intervening early can significantly impact a child’s life in various settings, from home to school and with peers. The Learning Project (Preschool) at On Track Therapy Group is a groundbreaking initiative designed to support children’s early development and a successful start to their education journey in kindergarten and school.

Our Approach

The Learning Project Preschool is a unique program, bringing together a range of essential services under one roof. We offer support in social skills, behavioural intervention, executive functioning, school readiness, and group therapy in one convenient setting.

About TLP Preschool

Our program runs for 2.5 hours in a therapeutic environment created specifically for early intervention. The small group setting promotes group-based learning while addressing each child’s individual needs. The program was crafted by a team of experienced psychologists, educators, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists, with a focus on helping children develop the following skills:

  • Speech and Communication Skills: Enhancing speech, following instructions, and improving pragmatic language skills.
  • Emotional Skills: Recognising and managing emotions, building resilience, and boosting self-esteem.
  • Social Skills and Play Skills: Developing relationship-building skills, effective communication, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Learning and Thinking (Pre-academic) Skills: Building executive functioning skills, early learning skills, and attention and concentration.
  • Behavioural Awareness: Understanding and managing behaviours, with optional parent support from a psychologist.
  • Physical Skills: Fostering fine and gross motor skills, promoting physical development and play-based learning.
  • Self-care Skills: Teaching self-care routines and independence.

Our program is tailored for:

  • Kindergarten aged children
  • Children recommended for a second year of kindergarten
  • Those new to formal educational settings
  • Children needing support in various developmental areas
  • Prep-aged children recommended for prep repetition or facing transition challenges
Our Therapists


Our program is lead by a psychologist and supported by an educational consultant and an occupational therapist, all of whom are:

  • Are passionate about helping children learn, develop and promote independence and resilience
  • Have a strong emphasis on building relationships with children and families
  • Will monitor our impact on children’s learning, mental health and emotional regulation
  • Will adapt and adjust our approaches according to each child’s individual needs

We provide a comprehensive approach to support your child’s development, making sure they are well-prepared for their educational journey.

Is this group right for your child? Let’s find out together.

See the whole child and understand their world.
Believe in them, laugh with them.
Get them on track to be the best person they can be.