On Track is the only therapy group that has a true multidisciplinary and creative approach offering unique programs that consider the whole child and their world, encouraging them to learn and grow and get on track to be the best person they can be.

Your child seen not solved.

We see each child. Believe in them. Laugh with them.

Our team work together to look at the whole child, and the best way to connect to them. To truly understand them as an individual, away from labels and the expectations of society. Our therapists look at the factors that shape their view of the world and then we create tailored programs that help them to be their best self, whatever that may look like. 

Every child deserves to enjoy, to learn and to thrive. We build a true connection with your child in a safe and accepting environment, so they feel confident and happier when they leave .

But we’re also here for you.

Many parents feel overwhelmed and alone in their journey. We connect with families to lighten their load, provide them with a safe and supportive space, and help you understand your child’s needs and behaviours, connecting you with other families battling similar issues.

Our values sit at the heart of all that we do. They are what keep us, and make us on track.

Make New Tracks

We are brave and find new pathways to drive change. We understand that today’s challenges aren’t suited for yesterday’s solutions. Our people push boundaries to find creative approaches and shape a better future.

It is a powerful thing to be seen

Our foundation rests upon compassion, empathy, and understanding for all. We create an inclusive environment where everyone feels truly seen, heard, and supported and works with a sense of fulfillment – knowing we’re making a genuine difference in people’s lives.

None Of Us Is As Impactful As All Of Us

Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas to tackle problems as a team will always achieve greater outcomes. We are always learning and giving to each other, and collaboration is the driving force for all our successes.

Buckle Up

It’s a bumpy ride as we explore new ideas and embrace challenges. We never lose we either succeed, or learn. We stretch ourselves with curiosity and creativity to engage, refine our skills, and explore new pathways to help our community and make a lasting impact.

Laughter Is Magic

In a world that can feel too serious, a playful release can make all the difference. Laughter breaks down barriers and diffuses heavy emotions. It’s magic. It’s contagious in the best possible way, sharing smiles and spreading joy.

The first step is always a chat.

Every child is unique. Get in touch for all bookings and to find out more

See the whole child and understand their world.
Believe in them, laugh with them.
Get them on track to be the best person they can be.