Year 8,9 & 10 Organisation & Study Skills Session

High school is an exciting and challenging time for all students. At times, however, it can be overwhelming and the work and expectations can cause frustration and worry.

After the stress of the past years, these worries may be even more significant and the impact on teens can be immense.

Given the stress and the difficulties we have experienced, it has inspired the team at On Track Therapy Group to start running high school skills mastery programs. This program aims to assist students with managing anxiety caused by new transitions, inability to plan and organise themselves, ask for help and manage academic and social expectations. We will be offering monthly weekend top up sessions throughout the year.

Social Skills

Interacting with new people
Asking for help
How to say you don’t understand

Study skills and Techniques

Planning, scheduling
Study timetable
Time management
Note taking, identifying key information
Mind maps, graphic organisers, cue cards

Literacy skills

Finding key information
Planning essays
TEEL essay structure

Executive Functioning

It is helpful to understanding what executive functioning means. It is like the CEO of our brain and assists in a variety of ways.

The three main areas of executive function are:

Working memory
Cognitive flexibility (also called flexible thinking)
Inhibitory control (which includes self-control )

Executive function is responsible for a number of skills, including:

Paying attention
Organising, planning and prioritising
Starting tasks and staying focused on them to completion
Understanding different points of view
Regulating emotions
Self-monitoring (keeping track of what you’re doing)

Having deficits in Executive functioning ability can influence students in a number of ways. It can affect some or all of the following:

If any of the above areas are of concern or are identified as challenges for your child, our transdisciplinary team can help and will provide effective tools and strategies.

An inability to ask for help
Difficulty following directions
Insistence on doing things in a particular way
Prioritising work & being organised with their school work
Developing attention skills to the task at hand; overcoming distractibility
Remembering simple instructions
Completing tasks within a set time
Commencing and completing homework
Regulating emotions
Self-monitoring (keeping track of what you’re doing)