Assessments & services

On Track Therapy Group offers a range of individual sessions assessments and group therapy programs for children and adolescents.

Comprehensive Assessments

On Track Therapy provides a range of comprehensive assessments, which include:

Multidisciplinary (psychology and speech ) ASD Assessment
Cognitive Assessment
Learning difficulties assessment package
ADHD and executive functioning Assessment
Speech and Language Assessment
Occupational Therapy Assessment

Austism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

We provide quality Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments for children aged 2 years and over. An ASD assessment can be provided as a Multidisciplinary assessment where a Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist conduct the assessments together, providing fast, efficient and reliable assessment, diagnosis and a comprehensive report.

Alternatively, ASD assessments can be provided by either the psychologist or speech pathologist. Please note that in order for the diagnostic process to be complete, this generally requires a paediatrician, psychologist and speech pathologist to complete various parts of the assessment process. The paediatrician will refer your child for this assessment and provide a follow up session.

Financial Assistance for ASD Assessments

The ASD assessments take place over two to four sessions (each approximately two hours) and provide parents with a feedback session and comprehensive written report after four weeks.

Session 1 – Developmental Assessment or Cognitive Assessment
Session 2 – DSM interview and assessment with parents and child as appropriate
Session 3 – Speech, language and pragmatic assessment
Session 4 – Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule
Session 5 – Feedback provided to families and report posted within 4 weeks

Financial Assistance for Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

Parents can obtain a rebate from Medicare for an ASD assessment via their referring paediatrician or psychiatrist. The rebate varies according to families’ circumstances. Those that have reached the Medicare Safety Net Threshold receive a rebate of up to 80-85% up to a certain amount. Contact Medicare for further information.

Educational & Cognitive Assessments Educational Assessments

On Track Therapy Group offers comprehensive educational and learning assessments. Educational assessments can be beneficial in revealing the underlying causes of a learning difficulty. Our psychologists can then offer specific recommendations for home and school to assist in improving your child’s learning. Our specialist educational consultants may also assist in this assessment process.

Through assessment, understanding and discussion, we can work with families to help them make informed decisions about their child’s individual’s needs. The educational assessment process is typically split into three sessions. Each session is approximately 2 hours. However, the length depends on the age of the individual and the test(s) being administered.

Our assessment process includes a:

Preliminary interview including discussion of the background information.
Standardised cognitive (IQ) test
A battery of educational tests
A comprehensive feedback session. During this session the psychologist and/or educational consultant will present all of your child’s results, as well as explain the meaning of these. We will also discuss strategies to address the issues identified. In some instances referrals to other specialists may also be considered. A comprehensive report will be provided four weeks after the final assessment session.

Cognitive Assessments

Sometimes referred to as an IQ assessment or a psycho-educational assessment, we provide Cognitive Assessments for children aged 2 years to 16 years and 11 months. Some paediatricians and schools require a cognitive assessment. Cognitive assessments help to understand an individual’s speed of learning in an academic environment, providing information on the student’s strengths and areas of difficulty.

These may include:

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 4th Edition (WISC- V) for children 6 to 16.11 years old
Wechsler Preschool and Primary School Scale of Intelligence – (WPPSI) for children 2.6 to 7.3 years old

Speech Pathology Assessments

Our speech pathologist can provide a range of assessments to better understand your child’s language development and any difficulties that may arise. These assessments can help to facilitate the therapy process. Speech pathologists can assess

receptive language skills – understanding language and learning different concepts
expressive language skills – developing vocabulary and improving sentence structure
pragmatic language skills – using language to communicate in different social situations
phonological awareness skills – pre-literacy skills
articulation- producing correct speech sounds

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our occupational therapists can provide a range of assessments to better understand your child’s fine and gross motor skills as well as Sensory processing. Functional assessments for NDIS purposes are also available.