Group and Social Skills Programs

On Track Therapy offers a range of comprehensive and innovative group programs that cater to a variety of ages and abilities. Our specialised and tailored programs take place in a group setting, yet provide an individual and tailored approach for each child. The team works collaboratively to design programs that best suit each child’s abilities and needs.

The Learning Project Primary

It has been shown that early identification and intervention can make an enormous difference to a child’s life within the school environment and beyond. The Learning Project is a revolutionary initiative by the team at On Track Therapy Group that ensures all children are given a positive start to their education and a smooth transition to school.

Year 6 to 7 Transition Sessions

Given the stress of starting high school and the difficulties within the current climate, it has inspired us to finally start running high school transition programs to equip all students with a successful and smooth high school transition. Moving to year 7 is a child’s first big step toward independence. It is exciting and a major milestone in their lives. On Track Therapy is excited to present a program designed to assist your child with understanding the expectations, learning strategies to assist with organisation, planning and flexibility as they experience the excitement and challenges of high school.

Year 8,9 and 10 Organisation Study Skills Sessions

High School is an exciting time for any student, and at times it can be overwhelming. Given the stress and the difficulties we have experienced latley, it has inspired the team at On Track Therapy Group to start running high school skills mastery programs. This program aims to assist students with managing anxiety caused by new transitions, inability to plan and organise themselves, ask for help and manage academic and social expectations. Monthly top up sessions will also be offered throughout the year.

The Learning Project Preschool

Our social skills program for preschoolers, known as The Learning Project Pre-school offers a two and a half hour comprehensive program for children aged 4-6 years in the year before transition to Prep.

Facilitated by the multidisciplinary team, there is a psychologist present in most all program sessions. The duration of the program is 2 ½ hrs, during Victorian school terms.

Exploring thoughts, feelings and actions
Assisting children to recognise and name basic emotions
Examining and practising non verbal and verbal social behaviours
Conversation, initiating and responding during social interactions
Sensory and motor component in each session

Whilst children are in the program, parents have the opportunity to spend time with a psychologist and discuss the program and interventions. Parents are able to form bonds and provide each other with support, understanding and friendship.

Social Skills for Primary and Secondary Students

On Track Therapy offers many social skills groups . The duration of the programs is 90 minutes, and runs weekly during Victorian school term on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Multiple programs run for school aged children from Prep to the teenage years for varying levels of ability and needs The groups are run by highly experienced multidisciplinary teams.

Prep Program
Grade 1 and 2 Program
Grade 3 and older Program

The weekly program sessions focus on building social skills and emotional understanding through fun activities. The program focus on building the following skills:

Maintaining conversation
Staying on topic
Social Greetings
Learning about body language/non-verbal communication (physiological reactions to emotions)
Learning how to accept constructive criticism
Following instructions
Problem solving
Social interaction
Social communication
Predicting what other people may be thinking/feeling
Providing information that is concise and relevant (knowing how much is enough)

Whilst children are in the session, parents have the opportunity to spend time with a psychologist and discuss the program and interventions. Parents are able to form bonds and provide each other with support, understanding and friendship.

Squad Goals – Teenage Program

On Track Therapy’s Teenage Social Program has now launched. Sessions run every Monday afternoon and Saturday morning during the school term. Squad Goals is a meeting place for like minded teens, to connect, form friendships, problem solve life’s challenges, school issues, friendship problems, bullying, anxiety and the pressures faced by all teenagers.

This program is suitable for teenagers with ASD, ADHD, Severe Anxiety and Social Awkwardness. Sessions are led by psychologists, who facilitate discussion for teens to discuss the issues that they face in everyday life in a safe and supportive environment.

Transition to School

We provide Individual School Transition Sessions to help a child transition to school. This can involve school visits with the child and parents and we work with the teachers to assist with the child’s transition. During the first term we conduct school visits to support the child in the classroom and playground, working closely with the class teacher to provide strategies, as required. All sessions are individualised and targeted to your child’s needs.