Are you NDIS Ready? We can help!

On Track Therapy Group is an NDIS Approved Provider.

Download the NDIS Flyer

On Track Therapy Group is a specialised & experienced multidisciplinary team comprising of psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and education consultants.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality assessments, interventions, therapies & support groups for children and their families.

Specialist services are provided for children & adolescents with:

Autism Spectrum Conditions
Developmental and intellectual delays
Social, emotional and behavioural problems (including ADHD, ODD and conduct disorders)
Speech and language disorders
Motor planning
Other childhood disabilities

We can also assist families with being NDIS ready, including:

Report writing
Reviewing existing assessments
Goal setting
Discussing NDIS funding options
Case Management
Attending meetings and advocating
Planning for and understanding the use of resources in therapy
Evaluation and implementation of relevant strategies and supports

We are registered to offer services that are covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Specialised individualised therapy for early childhood services
Psychology and behavioural intervention
Speech pathology and Occupational therapy
School based interventions
Managing challenging behaviours at home, at school and at other locations
Social skills
Specialised social, emotional & behavioural groups for children aged 3-18
Parent education and support
Creating visual supports
Training & consultations for schools and other education facilities

If you require specific information relation to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, please follow the links below: